The Importance of Connecting Buyers and Sellers with Assurance

June 06, 2022|LB Networks

ConnectbaseRecently, our Founder and CEO Raymond Chiu joined Ben Edmond, Founder and CEO of Connectbase, on a webinar to discuss the business importance of connecting buyers and sellers with assurance.

Ben Edmond drove home the key for success; “When I think about the partnership between Connectbase and LB Networks, it really is about customer experience. If you’re a seller out there, you want to position your platform, your capital investment, and your network services differently.”

“Connectbase is a cloud-based platform that digitizes and transforms how connectivity is bought and sold across the ecosystem,” Ben shared. “When a service provider is trying to participate in the market they’re trying to sell their connectivity; ethernet, IP Services, SD-WAN. Historically that’s been a lot of friction, manual processes, understanding who has what where, how to present that price and availability to the market, and what we’ve done is digitized that.”

Ray shared how OcularIP gives service providers an edge, “In today’s telecommunications industry, (wholesale) buyers are now requiring an assured predictive and really end-to-end customer experience regarding the products and services they sell.”

“This is where LB Networks has created Ocular IP, a cloud data platform, to bring this type of capability to the market, driven by the increasing demand for this level of deep service visibility and service assurance, providing this enhanced customer management and experience.”

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