The Monthly SLA Time Bomb!

October 30, 2017|LB Networks


Every month telecom carriers must tolerate the same self-reporting and mea culpa routines in reporting service availability. However the routine can be quickly modified to be a positive experience.  You can now optimize your calculations and reporting through the certified approved OcularIP service assurance portal. The following are just a few of the reasons over 100 carriers worldwide turn to OcularIP to diffuse monthly SLA reporting.

OcularIP’s ability to exceed the circuit measuring and reporting compliance requirements for the Tier1 wireless carriers was the reason for OcularIP’ s rapid adoption. Now carriers are choosing the system due to its extensive functionality, ease of operation, ability to quickly integrate into their environments resulting in better network performance, reduced operating expenses and improve user experience. With OcularIP, your internal teams can achieve their business objectives by taking advantage of the comprehensive performance data collection, presentation, analytics and reporting capabilities.

OcularIP has grown to support an extensive list of features and functionality unique to the platform.

OcularIP Platform

Operational Benefits

  • Save $s, Reduce trouble tickets, calls, SLA violations
  • Meet all teir1 cell mandates- plus ATT wireline!
  • Optimize SLA reports reduce credits; leverage exclusions.
  • Smart maintenance improves availability reporting!
  • Alert on service drift/violation prior to outage.
  • Reduces TTR with additional isolation capabilities.
  • Consistent performance reporting management.
  • Optimize end to end network performance.
  • Usage based -Buy what you need when you need it.

Extensive Analytics

  • Granular tracking of data for user defined months!
  • 110+ KPIs with calculated
  • Compliance against 3 Tiers of Metrics:
  • SLA/contract, Application and Baseline/birth cert.
  • Ranking performance of circuits/services
  • Trending analysis of KPIs and utilization.
  • Availability, Utilization and Performance reporting
  • End to End Service Assurance visibility management.
  • Member and off-net management
  • Standard compliance reports

 Intuitive Customizable Customer Portal

  • Differentiate your services vs competition
  • Customize role based functions.
  • Customize SLA levels, alerts, emails, etc.
  • Customize views, dashboards, reports, labels, etc.
  • Flexible domain architecture
  • Automated Self Subscription Reporting
  • Customizable performance visualization
  • Easy UI and APIs