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The Z-MOBILE Survival Guide: Stop Z-Mobile’s Outrageous Penalties

October 25, 2023|LB Networks

Z-MOBILE is Requesting Monthly Service Credits from ALL of their Service Providers

Is it the end of the world? The outbreak has started…

More and more of our customers are being SLAMMED by Z-Mobile’s debt collection group.

Z-Mobile is doing this across the board to EVERYONE in North America. You are not alone. Don’t panic. OcularIP is here to stop the outbreak!

AAV backhaul providers are being targeted by Z-MOBILE Service Penalty collections group.

  • Their goal: To collect as much service credits $’s as possible.
  • Their plan: Start with month “y”, to set a new precedence for future!

Z-MOBILE is requesting Monthly Service Credits from ALL of their Service Providers

  • This separate group will contact you and claim x% of failures for the month of “y”.
  • They state you will have one week to dispute the claims, or else you owe the claimed $’s.
  • They will arm themselves with their Performance Report that shows Circuit Failures and $’s owed.

Do NOT be alarmed! You are armed with the best cure: OcularIP’s analytics intelligence!

OcularIP Can Help

Site-Based Performance & Availability Reporting

  • Composite Circuit / Site Level Wireless Reporting
    • Analyzes Dual Circuits on a Minute-by-Minute basis,
    • BEST of BOTH (double tap) – utilizes Performance KPI’s from Best Performing Circuit
    • Per interval-based supporting
    • Generates a per site (location) score
    • Meets and exceeds Z-MOBILE’s requirements
  • Optimize every report
    • Incorporate your exclusion time periods, such as Scheduled Maintenances & Force Majeure conditions,
    • Fall out reporting to determine Customer Caused Outages (e.g. power generator/battery tests periods that fail)
  • Further BOOST performance scores
    • Enable Smart Maintenances Analysis to boost performance scores, if the circuits are available, Z-MOBILE will utilize them


OcularIP’s Z-MOBILE Survival Guide offers:

  • In-depth business reporting questions to level the playing field.
  • Detailed performance measurements methodologies leading to their claims.
  • Technical details to ensure the right & accurate performance measurements are performed.

Move from a defensive to offense stance!

LB Networks has the intelligence, optimizations, and – better yet – we already have customers that have proven the claims to be false. Contact us to learn more!

To learn more about T-Mobile’s speed claims and credit requests, and how we recently saved a carrier $90,000 in profit, read this blog post.

And email zmobile@lbnetworks.co to receive your Optimization Survival SWAG Kit!


OcularIP Overview

OcularIP Saves users $356/circuit/year on average