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Uncover Savings With the New Optimize AT&T Report (OAR) Program

March 06, 2023|LB Networks

To enjoy the benefits of being part of AT&T’s nationwide supplier network you must agree to AT&T’s strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs), reporting and complex multi-tiered penalty structure.

Unfortunately, they can be a drain on profits if your services aren’t shown in the best light.

As a carrier, you’re dedicated to providing the best service possible. But when reporting service levels, your calculations have to account for seemingly countless variables and situations and their impact on SLAs properly. Any errors in this complicated reporting process can hammer the company’s bottom line.

Thankfully, there’s a way to minimize your risk and payments: LB Networks new Optimize AT&T Report (OAR) Program (you may have seen this program introduced as part of our OcularIP New Features announcement).

LB Networks supports over 100 USA carriers in their monthly wholesale service level reporting. Over the past decade of assisting carriers with their CSBH reporting, we have seen what works and what doesn’t.

We have continued to enhance OcularIP’s SLA availability intelligence providing significant improvements in Carrier’s PASSes! Based on this experience, we have identified the best practices and insight on how to reduce SLA fails so you can save on gross margins and free cash flow.

The OAR program addresses key areas including:

  • MSA terms
  • Performance metrics
  • Exclusion opportunities
  • Impact analysis

With the OAR Program you will take advantage of proven best practices and leveraged advanced analytics and automation to save significantly on credits.

LB Networks has assisted dozens of carriers with their AT&T CSBH reporting and processes. Optimizing your AT&T processes, analytics, PASS/FAIL calculations and reporting is guaranteed to have savings for your organization.

In addition, the true service delivery performance allows AT&T to ensure their perception of your organization matches reality. Plus, the OAR program will significantly streamline the monthly reporting process with a high level of accuracy.

Update your reporting with our thorough OcularIP on-boarding, service metadata enrichment, change management integration, service impact analysis, and workflow reporting.

Don’t let AT&T’s stringent SLAs and complicated MSAs keep costing you money. Reach out today to see how we can help you save.

Ready to see real savings in action? Look to our customer use case, New OcularIP Customer Saves Thousands in SLA Credits!