Use case shows control of Customer Experience pays dividends

August 26, 2015|LB Networks


Your transport is the foundation of your customer’s business. Thus you are truly partnered with your customer.  Like any good partnership the key to success is relevant, timely communication.

Heavy Reading and OcularIP Use Case – How Network Events Improved Customer Experience

As Heavy Reading notes in its March 2015 white paper, “Service Providers gain the loyalty of their customers when they provide them with the desired experience.” So what happens when there is an incident in your network that affects your customers? If you are like many of us restoration of your customer’s service is priority number 1. It’s all hands on deck to get the network event resolved and restore service levels.

However these network events typically trigger customer calls. Calls that must be answered, logged, returned and escalated. This results in a process that often keeps the customer in limbo and takes resources away from fixing the event. Thus extending the resolution process and reducing customer satisfaction.

Network events will happen. How can your organization use these situations to improve customer experience and reduce resolution time?

From Singapore to Syracuse, carriers are leveraging the integrated “custom notification” functions in OcularIP to personalize notices to your affected customer(s). This feature proactively notifies customers:

  • That an event has occurred
  • You know about the event
  • Identifies what the event is and the circuits/sites that are affected
  • You are working on resolving the event
  • You will notify them as soon as it is fixed. When the circuit is operational the customer is personally notified by email again that the event is fixed!

As an APAC service provider stated “Custom e-mail [notifications] allows us to meet the expectations of our customer base and provide better service than our incumbent competition.” They credit notifications to customers with a reduced requests for SLA credits as well!

An event doesn’t have to be a network issue. It can be a notification that usage has increased and it may be wise for them to buy more profitable beautiful bandwidth. Or a maintenance period is planned, in place and completed. All personalized to the individual and only the affected customers.

The integrated custom notification function is just one of a series of unique features for the 25 North American carriers made the switch to OcularIP last year! See for yourself why OcularIP is the world’s leading Performance Measurement Reporting and Customer Portal application.