Welcome VisionMETRIX customers! VisionMETRIX is now officially OcularIP. Click here to learn more.


VisionMETRIX is Now Officially OcularIP

June 12, 2024|LB Networks

The VisionMETRIX integration into LB Networks and OcularIP is now official.

Welcome VisionMETRIX customers!

Your VisionMETRIX service and support have always been offered by LB Networks (for over 10 years) and now it is official in name.

Your service will continue as is, but better than ever as you now have access to hundreds of more features at no additional investment!

Welcome to a new world of support.

Contact us directly for 24/7 support from the company that defined compliance analytics and reporting.

Cisco, Adtran/Adva, Ciena, Nokia, and 500+ other tech partners.

Cisco and Accedian will continue to be certified technology partners. Beyond that, we support over 500 other technologies, we have 35 APIs, single sign on gateways, instant support, and more. Learn more here.

Automation and APIs.

LB Networks offers support for every data set and dozens of platforms like OSS/BSS, CRM, inventory, billing, and much more!

The savings leader.

Over 140 carriers save money on wholesale CTBH MSAs with OcularIP every month!

Plus, we have the proven best availability analytics for ATT Wireless, T-Mobile and VzW.

Business support services.

One client referred to our team as the SLA CPAs! Use these resources to your advantage.

Non-vulnerable: Secure to financial standards & then some.

The world’s largest financial content provider trusts OcularIP. We meet the security requirements for all major carriers and enterprise commercial customers, including financial institutions, governments, and healthcare providers.

We also maintain a security program designed to ensure the security and integrity of data, protect against security threats or data breaches, and prevent unauthorized access to the data and environments of our customers.

Learn more here.

Power your revenue with a customer portal.

The new Business Services Portal is your private brand portal designed a dynamic UI combined with industry leading analytics to create a revenue generating platform you can sell to your end customers.

No changes to the application.

You will enjoy the same application, hosted in the same environment by the same company. Traditionally, Accedian relabeled and resold OcularIP as VisionMETRIX/Accedian SLA. You may notice some additional features as we have turned on more options for VisionMETRIX users than Accedian allowed us to do in the past.

A note on accounting.

This will probably be the largest change. VisionMETRIX clients will now deal directly with LB Networks (Local Backhaul Networks, LLC). For more information, please contact billing@lbnetworks.co

Welcome to the OcularIP Family!

We are excited to support you directly and show you all the additional features and functions, including great business reports and savings you can get with OcularIP.

We are here to support you.

We provide platform updates and new enhancements several times every year. We also provide training at no cost. Please use these resources as they are for you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at (314) 414-1000 or support@lbnetworks.co.