White Paper Preview: Advanced Site Availability Report: Enhancing Connectivity Monitoring

May 22, 2024|LB Networks

This is a summary of our Advanced Site Availability Report Technical Brief. Read the complete white paper here.

Cell tower connectivity relies on Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVCs) terminating at Mobile Telephone Switching Offices (MTSOs). To ensure service availability, Wireless Service Providers focus on overall Cell Tower Site availability rather than individual EVCs.

OcularIP’s Advanced Site Availability Report addresses these reporting requirements, including:

  • Unavailable Time Calculation: Data from the network device is compared to the agreed-upon service levels in the contract, which determines how many minutes the network met those levels and how many it didn’t during the reporting period.
  • Site Level Availability Determination: Site level availability is determined by how often each part of the network is working by checking each Ethernet Virtual Circuit (EVC) and selecting the one with the least amount of downtime. The performance of that chosen EVC, along with any downtime, is added up to see how well the entire site performed for the month.
  • Maintenance Periods Support: The service agreement with the provider often has exceptions for certain times that shouldn’t count towards site availability, like planned maintenance or power outages and others. OcularIP lets us specify these times so that the monthly performance reports takes these into account.
  • Market Availability and Credit Level Calculations: The Site Availability Report calculates how available the market was during the reporting period and also calculates the credit percentages for both the site and the market based on the MSA parameters.

The Advanced Site Availability Report streamlines connectivity monitoring by providing detailed insights into site and market availability. Read the full Advanced Site Availability Report Technical Brief, including data charts, here.

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