Win New School District Customers with OcularIP’s SLA Portal

November 23, 2021|LB Networks

Thanks to the E-Rate Modernization Order, we have recently seen a dramatic increase in the number of school districts requiring their telecom supplier to provide service level reporting as well as access to a client portal. From New England to Arizona – Ohio to Texas, Florida, and everywhere in between.

In Virginia the Scott County Public Schools school board and parents both agreed on mandating reporting on service levels from their telecom supplier, including network availability, frame/packet loss commitment, and latency commitment for circuits and network.

Their RFP states, “Supplier will provide a monthly Service Level Compliance and Credit Report for those service levels proposed by the Supplier. The report should detail the actual performance for each service level metric versus the service level metric guaranteed by the Supplier.”

Other school districts are mandating similar reporting:

  • New Caney Independent School District in Texas: “Must have dedicated Lit Transport Bandwidth with identified Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees between the designated endpoints.”
  • Ashland Independent School District in Kentucky: “The respondent will provide an SLA with the RFP response. This must include a description of the services and how these services will be measured” and reported.
  • Cleveland Metropolitan School District in Ohio: “Periodic systematic status reporting must be provided.”
  • Florida Information Resource Network: “Users can monitor and police SLA adherence via a web-based Customer Portal”.

Take advantage of these new requirements and win the E-Rate Modernization Order mandate with OcularIP.

Set the standard for network services with school districts in 3 easy steps.

  1. Provide a sample of the reports you will provide.
  2. Set-up a 15-minute demo of your self-service portal (OcularIP) to show how easy it is to view the status of circuits, uptime throughput, etc.
  3. Have the school district make reporting and a portal mandated requirements for their telecom renewal on the next bid!

OcularIP optimizes network performance reporting. Hundreds of thousands of circuits and networks leverage OcularIP’s SLA analytics intelligence to show the true performance. The platform excludes all the noise to present your services in their best light.

OcularIP is always risk free. Contact us today to set up a free demo and see how you can take advantage of the E-Rate Modernization order.